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Want an adjustable length stabilizer for your Blitz Lures Live Foot that goes from trolling motor shaft to Live Foot shaft? The DD26 Fishing Dog Bone fits the bill! We also have Dog Bone Stabilizers that go from your trolling motor shaft to your 360 pole as well as Dog Bones that go from your Trolling Motor to any other 1" Shaft system.


  • Adjustable Length
  • Allow both shafts to rotate freely
  • Multiple options for different diameter shafts available
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum with stainless hardware
  • Quick release knob
  • High quality, durable powder coat finish


  • Do NOT overtighten Black Bushings - Just snug evenly so they will not slide on shaft
  • Mount Black Bearing at an even level to ensure smooth rotation
  • Yes, there will be some play between the bearing and the bracket. This is 100% intentional for the smooth rotation of each shaft.
  • Use blue loctite for any bolt that does not have a nylock nut
  • Install when the trolling motor is in the deployed position NOT in the stowed position.
  • You have a 4 foot pole with a 2-3 pound $1200+ transducer hanging on it above your $2000+ graphs, BE SMART and get a DD26 Stabilizer Bracket and protect your equipment!

DD26 Fishing Dog Bone Stabilizer Bracket

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