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M-NA-Y901-MS Precision Contour HD for Tennessee

C-MAP PRECISION CONTOUR HD charts of Tennessee: C-MAP Precision Contour HD is a premium mapping product that incorporates professionally executed lake surveys, with Genesis Social Map data and traditional mapping data to provide tournament anglers the best possible fishing maps.

Meticulously surveyed to 1-foot increments in shallow-draft boats by C-MAP's survey crew with innovative Genesis Edge technology, C-MAP Precision Contour HD maps include the shallow backwaters and distant creek arms that other map cards overlook, as well as comprehensive coverage of key fish-holding bottom structure such as humps and holes, reefs and shoals, drains and ditches, ledges and break lines. The PCHD maps on this card are much more detailed than Navionics charts (and cover more creek arms and backwaters) and are equal to, and often better than, LakeMaster charts for the same waterbodies). PCHD maps will enable competitive and recreational Lowrance-using anglers to find and catch more fish.


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