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New Item # TS-HDI-4 It is built in High Quality Aluminum Alloy and Black Powder Coated. It is designed to fit Lowrance® Elite HDI Skimmer transducer # 000-10976-001, # 000-12728-001 and # 000-12570-001 (Hybrid Dual Imaging 83/200kHz -455/800kHz transducer). Enlarge the pictures for transducer recognition. Notice the transducer arm has been removed from the transducer body.

The new Sleek low profile Hydrodynamic design will cut through the water for less drag, especially on trolling motors. It reduces collection of debris, keeps the transducer positioned correctly and will not interfere with the transducer signal.

For trolling motor installation, two straps are required which are not included. Heavy duty stainless steel, black powder coated straps are available @ $6.99 each.

This Transducer Shield® along with additional accessories, can easily be bolted to the side of a Jack Plate using an L Bracket; on the hole shot plate (under the jack plate) using a wedge; or on a boat set back (under the transom) using a wedge.

Lowrance HDI 83/200 and 455/800 Shield

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