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More light than needed for the longest cast

High intensity UV LEDs and 2 bright green LEDS

UV LEDs maintain full power at all time

Green LEDs are selectable using 1, 2, or none

Available in 15 or 0 degree phone jack

Phone jack lights require 1/4" female phone jack connector(not included)

Side views showing jack angles

0 DEGREE (Left) and 15 DEGREE (Right)


Boats with inward sloping mounting surface should use 0 degree model if the female connector is mounted on the inward sloping surface. The angled mounting surface results in 0 degree light being tilted up similar to a 15 degree light.

15 degree lights on angled mounting surface raises the light too far up and will cause glare if user is close to light.

For boats with level mounting surface, the 15 degree light is preferred but 0 degree light can be used.


MOONlite Full Moon Phone Jack - Green

SKU: FMPJG0(base)
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