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So how does an enthusiast go about installing Ubuntu on a older system? Before we get into that, you will need to have a DVD burner that will allow you to burn the ISO that you downloaded. When you download the ISO file, make sure to save it to your desktop. You will need to use a CD-R or CD-RW for the CD to be able to be burned. 1. Create a Bootable USB When you boot off your USB drive, select "Try Ubuntu" and follow the instructions to get Ubuntu to boot. Once you have Ubuntu running, you will need to go to the Ubuntu Software Centre and install the following programs: Ubuntu Software Centre Ubuntu Tweak If you want to see if there are any other programs you need to install, open up Ubuntu Software Centre and see what programs are already installed. Now that you have Ubuntu installed, you will need to change the name of your computer so that it is more easily recognized by Windows users. You can do this by going to Ubuntu Tweak and choosing Change Hostname. So after you change your hostname, you will need to update your hostname by going to System Settings and clicking the Administrative Tab. Now click on Software Sources and choose the Third Party Software tab and click the Other Software button. Third Party Software This will open up the "Third Party Software" tab and it will give you a list of software that you can install. Click the Add button and you should be prompted to add Software Sources. Now add the following: This should install the following: Now to change your hostname: System Settings > User Accounts > Your User Account > Change your name and enter your desired username and hostname. That's it! Once you reboot and you go to network manager and select the other computer, you should see your new hostname listed in the drop down box. Now that you have completed this, you will need to go back to Ubuntu Tweak and add the following repos: Now to check for any updates and to install any updates that were missing, you will need to go to Ubuntu Tweak and click on Updates. Update Manager Now to install any other programs you may need, go to Ubuntu Software Centre and install what you want




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