Lowrance Active Imaging High Performance Kit For Elite Ti2 units

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Lowrance Active Imaging High Performance Kit For Elite Ti2 units.Whats in the box.

- Active Imaging 2-in-1 Transducer,

- Y-Cable (9-Pin Male to Female 9 & 7 Pin Transducer Connectors)

- 2D Transducer (HST-WSBL or PD-WBL)

- Transom mounting hardware.

This Active Imaging High performance kit is needed to have 2D sonar reading on pad with the Lowrance Elite Ti2 Displays. This kit is compatable with existing 7-pin Blue Lowrance transducer that are epoxied in the hull.

Active Imaging Transducers

  • Active Imaging is a new scanning sonar technology that provides incredibly detailed, high resolution imaging sonar without sacrificing any range
  • Active Imaging transducers accomplish this by better directing the SideScan beams which increases resolution and improves range performance
  • The Active Imaging stand alone transducer lets the user combine the new Active Imaging transducer with a separate CHIRP transducer for dual transducer installs.
  • Active Imaging operates at 800kHz or 455kHz with maximum ranges of 150ft (800kHz) or 300ft (455kHz)

Active imaging Technology

  • Active Imaging utilizes the latest techniques in sonar signal generation
  • Active Imaging transducers are constructed of a polymer that reacts to sound waves more closely to water. This ensures that no sonar signal is lost during transmit or receive
  • Active Imaging transducers include separate sonar elements for SideScan transmit and receive Separating transmit and receive allows Active Imaging to have an incredibly fast ping speed (Ping speed directly correlates to image resolution). Additionally, these separate elements focus more of the sonar signal outwardly, increasing the sonar signal to the sides and leading to better range performance


Transom-mount, wide cone angle, 200kHz skimmer with built-in water temperature sensor. Fits all 2004 and newer Lowrance 200 kHz sonar units with blue connectors. 20' cable.

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