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L Bracket with 3 inch offset to attach a Transducer Shield to the side of an Atlas Hydraulic 8″, 10″ or 12″ Jack Plate.

The L Bracket is designed with a 3″ offset specifically for 8″, 10″ or 12″ Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plates.  The 3″ offset brings the Transducer Shield away from the Jack Plate so that the hydraulic trim rod does not interfere with, or damage the transducer or Transducer Shield® when moving up and down.  IMPORTANT & HELPFUL please open this link to confirm your jack plate size Atlas Jack Plate – Measuring

(1)  A transducer cannot be attached to any of our L Brackets without a Transducer Shield®.  When placing your order for this product, please remember to choose the appropriate Transducer Shield® to match your transducer. 
(2)  An Extension is required if you have a Skeeter ZX model boat.  On this particular boat, the hull turning chines interfere with the side viewing signal.  To help correct this problem it is necessary to add an extension between the L Bracket and Transducer Shield to lower the transducer.

The L Bracket is built in in High Quality Aluminum Alloy, Black Powder Coated and includes stainless steel hardware

Please check the lists below to make sure that you are choosing the correct L Bracket.  

12” Atlas Jack Plate –Use LB-AT-8.10.12-R3 if the Transducer Shield is listed here:
Garmin – *  TG-DS-9
Lowrance*-   TS-LSS2-L   *  TS-DSS3-TS  *  TS-LSS2-3D  * TS-TRI-SH

10” Atlas Jack Plate –Use LB-AT-8.10.12-R3 if the Transducer Shield is listed here:
Humminbird –  * TM-H8.3  * TM-HX-3  * TM-ONIX-2
Garmin –  *  TG-DS-VU   *  TG-DS-8.4  * TG-DS-9
Lowrance –   *  TS-LSS2-L  * TS-DSS3-TS  * TS-LSS2-3D  * TS-TRI-SH  * TS-LSS-3D
Raymarine –  *TSS-RM-1  * TS-RM-2

8” Atlas Jack Plate – Use LB-AT-8.10.12-R3 if the Transducer Shield is listed here:
Humminbird –  * TM-H8.3  * TM-H7.1  *TM-HX-3  * TM-ONIX-1  * TM-ONIX-2
Garmin –   *  TG-DS-VU   * TG-GT-6  * TG-DS-8.4  *TG-DS-9
Lowrance –  *  TS-LSS-1  * TS-LSS-3D   * TS-LSS2-L   * TS-LSS2-3D   * TS-DSS3-TS   * TS-TRI-SH
Raymarine –  *TSS-RM-1  * TS-RM-2


L Bracket w/ 3" Offset for 8-10-12" Atlas Jackplate

SKU: LB-AT-8-10-12-R3
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