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Black Water


Here at BBE we don’t just sell electronics, we install them as well! Located just outside of Knoxville, TN, we offer custom installations on any make and model bass boat. We take our time to make sure your units are mounted properly and that wires are ran correctly to eliminate interference so that you have nothing to worry about in rough water. We also make sure each customer understands and is able to operate the newly installed electronics on their vessel.

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Labor Rate
*10% off labor if equipment is purchased from our store.*


Livescope System
2 Units, 2 Transducers
1 Unit, 1 Transducer

Average Hours for Common Installs:

*Hours Vary Depending on Each Specific Situation*

*Pricing Does Not Include Tax*

To be added to our install queue, please fill out the install request form below. 


We look forward to serving you!

Install Request

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