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This works with the LIVE FOOT Adjustable bracket sold since 8/14/2022 Only.  It will not work with prior live Foot Mounting Brackets. 

 Looking to mount your 360 on the same bracket as your Blitz Lures Live Foot Turret?   Here's your ticket!   The DD26 arm allows you to mount your 360 pole using the existing Live Foot bracket with this Arm that allow gives you the capability to adjust your 360 to 4 different angles.   Perfect if you have fitment issues with your boat cover and allows for proper height requirements/restrictions.

This kit comes with the 360 arm that attaches to your Live Foot Mounting bracket (not included) and a dog bone stabilizer that attaches to your trolling motor shaft.  Please select the correct trolling motor.  This is an ADD ON only to the Live Foot Trolling Motor Mount bracket.  The Live Foot Trolling Motor Mounting Bracket DOES NOT come with this kit.

The Dog Bone Stabilizer is meant to be mounted just below the trolling motor head as a secondary support arm not all the way at the bottom by the transducer.  This still allows the longer part of the 360 shaft to absorb impact as the 360 manufacture prefers and avoiding hard jarring impacts to the transducer.  This will provide a solid mount for your 360 while following the intentions of their design.

Live Foot HB 360 Add-On Arm Kit by DD26 Fishing

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