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Mercury OCK 2.1L @2  Mercury 2.1L 75/90/115 HP 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit 8M0107510

Mercury 2.1L 75/90/115 HP 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit 8M0107510

This Mercury oil change kit contains Mercury SAE 10W-30 Marine Engine Oil which features high-tech, anti-wear additives to provide over 30% better camshaft wear protection and greater corrosion and oxidation protection.

Premium-grade base stock and special additives have been formulated to produce a superior-grade oil. This formula contains significantly more performance additives than standard automotive oils to allow 4-stroke outboards to withstand their specific environmental challenges. Additional viscosity improvements ensure stay-in-grade performance during high-RPM, 4-stroke outboard applications.

Industry Leading Strength - Studies have shown that Mercury provides the longest lasting, strongest protection.

Flagship Corrosion Resistance - Latest corrosion inhibitors outperform competition and exceed all industry standards. Additionally, provides rust and corrosion protection in wet environments and while in off-season storage.

Ultimate Wear Protection - Utilizing the latest additive technology, Mercury oil offers 33% greater camshaft wear protection compared to other marine dealers’ products.

This Mercury oil change kit contains all the items needed to change oil in select Mercury 4-Stroke Outboards:

  • (5) 10W-30 Mercury 4-Stroke Engine Oil
  • (1) Oil Filter - OEM 8M0065104
  • (1) Drain Hose - OEM 8M0108358
  • For easy reference, complete instructions are printed on the box

For use with engines serial numbers 2B094996 & up.

Interval: Check engine oil and replace oil filter every 100 hours of use, or annually (whichever comes first).

Mercury 4-Stroke Oil Change Instructions

Oil Change Procedure

  • Position the outboard for trailering.
  • Adjust the outboard steering until the drain hole is facing downward. Remove the drain plug with an 18mm wrench.
  • Drain the engine oil into an appropriate container.
  • Place a new seal on the drain plug and lubricate.
  • Reinstall components.

Changing the Oil Filter

  • Place a drop cloth, rag, or towel below the oil filter to catch any spilled oil.
  • Use a counter-clockwise motion to unscrew old filter.
  • Clean the mounting base. Apply thin film of clean oil to the filter gasket.
  • Screw new filter on until gasket contacts base, then tighten a 3/4 turn only.
  • Do not overtighten.

Oil Filling

  • With oil cap removed, add approx 5 liters of oil to the midpoint of the operating range (midpoint of the cross hatched region).
  • Reinstall the oil fill cap.
  • Idle engine for five minutes and check for leaks. Stop the engine and inspect the oil level using a dipstick.
  • Add oil if necessary.

California Residents: warning sign WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Mercury Oil CHANGE KIT 2.1L

SKU: 8M0107510
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